How to Take Your Landscape Photos to the Next Level

One look at places like Flickr and Instagram, and you’ll see a lot of really bad landscape photos.But if you look hard enough, you’ll also see some truly epic landscapes that take your breath away.And believe it or not, getting from “okay” landscapes to “really awesome” landscapes isn’t that long of a journey.It of course requires time, patience, practice, and an understanding of photography principles related to composition, lighting, and so forth.But there are a few other ways you can take your landscape photos to the next level, too

Get Some Perspective

What’s the first thing you do when you come upon a beautiful landscape?If you’re like most people, you stand there, bring your camera to your eye, and take a photo of the scene as you see it from your perspective.But here’s a tip – that’s boring!Sure, we all have slightly different eye levels, but that doesn’t change the fact that if we’re all just standing there taking photos that they will more or less look the same.The image above is a perfect example of how changing the point of view results in an image that is far more engaging and unique than if it was taken from the typical point of view.But if you put a little work into it and find ways to take photos from higher up or lower than normal, your landscapes will be the better for it.

Use Different Lenses

My guess is that a solid majority of landscape photos are taken with a wide-angle lens.That makes sense because landscapes are big subjects, and a wide-angle lens helps you capture more of the scene.But just like finding a different perspective on a landscape will help you create something more compelling, so too will using different lenses to capture what you see.For example, where a wide-angle lens is big on the whole scene and short on the details, taking landscape photos with a telephoto lens allows you to cut out all the extraneous stuff and focus on creating a more intimate shot.

How You Present Your Images Matters

Heck, even using a normal or standard focal length like a 50mm lens on a full frame camera or a 35mm lens on a crop sensor camera allows you to create a completely different type of landscape photo than is possible with a wide-angle.In fact, normal lenses offer a view that’s very close to what we see with our own eyes (thus the name normal…), so the images they help you create look and feel right.That is, there isn’t the distortion you find with wide-angle lenses, nor is there the compression of a telephoto lens.Again, this is about taking the time to experiment and try new things, because the more you do that, the more adept you’ll be at capturing landscapes that make viewers say .“

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